Internship Position – DuPage County Public Defender’s Office

From Jason Harvey, Chief Investigator, DuPage County Public Defender’s Office:

Updated October 13, 2010:

I am in need of at least one intern at this time and possibly more.  We have a volunteer/intern position available for actual paralegal work and I may be able to use someone as an investigative intern.  Please let me know if you have anyone who may be interested. 

Specifically, I am looking for someone who can do filing, go to court, assist attorneys with some daily duties such as contacting clients and perhaps writing reduction letters etc.  I am told there will also be a big project which includes writing an instruction manual regarding Domestic Violence cases.  It would be best to have someone with a little knowledge of these areas rather than a student who has no familiarity with criminal law but we will consider anyone who seems right for the position.  The schedule is very flexible and can be discussed with the applicant. 

Interested students should email



Note to students (from Program Coordinator Sally Fairbank)- This unpaid position would be a good resume-enhancer, as well as an opportunity to learn criminal defense work and to network with attorneys and other legal professionals at the DuPage County Courthouse.


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