Great News! New Technology Applications in Spring 2011 Classes!

Technology skills are of vital importance to a paralegal.  Employers seek to hire those paralegals who have the most advanced technology skills. 

I am pleased to announce that you have three opportunities to increase your technology skills by enrolling in any of  three Spring 2011 electives, as follows:

PLGL 1125 Law Office Technology – we have just made arrangements with Software Technology, Inc., to license Tabs 3 and PracticeMaster for classroom instruction.  Tabs 3  is one of the most widely used time and billing products in the nation and has won awards for eight consecutive years. It integrates with PracticeMaster, which is used for calendaring,  conflict-of-interest checking, and for organizing case and contact information.  Read more about Tabs 3 and PracticeMaster at the link below:

Tabs 3_8th_Gold_LTN_Award

If you haven’t taken a pre-req for the class and need a course permit to enroll, contact Lorri Scott, at

PLGL 2350 Family Law – we will be purchasing a license for FinPlan, a software application used by family law practitioners for financial planning and accounting in divorce cases.  Family Law attorneys have requested in surveys  that we instruct our students in FinPlan, and we are pleased to be able to do so in the spring semester.

PLGL 2150 Bankruptcy Law- Students taking this course learn BestCase, a software application common in the practice of bankruptcy law.  Bankruptcy filings are increasing, so acquiring a skill in this area will be an asset when searching for employment.

If you haven’t already enrolled in Spring 2011 classes, please enroll very soon so we can keep classes open.  Classes with low enrollment will be dropped from the schedule during the first week in January, 2011.  

Make sure you have a “Plan B” in mind in case a class you are enrolled in gets cancelled.



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