Courtroom Field Trip- Tuesday, March 25, 9 am until noon

 Circuit Court Judges Blanche Fawell and Robert Anderson have graciously consented to allow our students to visit their courtrooms and interact with their courtroom staff on March 25.  Judge Fawell presides over Felony Courtroom #4012. We  will meet there at 9 am on March 25.  If you can’t get there right on time, that is OK – people are going in and out of the courtroom all the time.  You should enter the courtroom and look for me.  Last year Judge Fawell let our students sit in the jury box to observe the proceedings, and that may happen again this year.  Also, last year, after the court call was over, Judge Fawell let students try on her black judicial robe and sit at the bench and have their photos taken!  So if you consider yourself a judge-in-training, you might want to do this!

After the court call is over, we will also have an opportunity to ask questions of Judge Fawell’s courtroom staff – the state’s attorneys, the public defender, and probation officers. 

About 11 am, we will go downstairs to courtroom #3000, where Judge Anderson presides over Juvenile Court.  These proceedings are closed to the public, and the courtroom and the waiting room will be empty except for our group.  Judge Anderson will discuss juvenile law with us, answer any questions, and give us a tour of his chambers.

The entire event will conclude about noon.  You don’t have to stay the entire time.  You will get one LEX hour for each hour that you stay.  You will need to sign a sign-in sheet with an “in” and an “out” time so we can track your hours spent. 

Space is limited to approximately 12 students, so the first 12 students to sign up will get to come.  It is possible that we may be able to allow up to 14 students to attend, but at this point we need to limit it to 12 students.

Please RSVP to Jackie Freeman at

Remember, no cell phones with cameras are allowed through courthouse security!  However, attorneys are allowed to bring in camera phones, so I will have my phone and can take pictures of students who want their pictures taken in judicial robes.  I will also take a group shot of all attendees in Judge Anderson’s courtroom.

I know you will enjoy this opportunity to meet two of our finest DuPage County Circuit Judges, and learn more about the judicial system.

Prof. Sally N. Fairbank


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