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Legal Assistance Foundation is seeking volunteers to staff the Legal Self-Help Center at the Rolling Meadows Courthouse. Volunteers will learn about civil legal procedures throughout their time at the clinic, and will gain access to the courts and establish attorney contacts with various organizations. A passion for the community, a desire to help individuals self-actualize, basic computer proficiency, and some college background required!

Volunteer Navigators will undergo training for the Illinoislegalaid.org website and employ these skills to staff the Legal Self-Help Center Thursdays and Fridays from 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM. Navigators will direct patrons to legal documents and information to compensate for the lack of a court legal library. Patrons will learn how to efficiently maneuver the Illinois Legal Aid website and will gain self-sufficiency and confidence in addressing legal matters.

Volunteers will have the opportunity to grow as professionals by receiving training from Illinois Legal Aid Online, including exercises, sample scripts, and observation hours at the center.  Additionally, volunteers will gain knowledge and skills by working under the supervision of an experienced attorney and learn professionalism in a legal work environment.  Further professional opportunities such as shadowing an attorney may be available to volunteers. Volunteers will have the opportunity to directly impact and serve the patrons of the legal self-help clinic. There will be a two hour training session with Illinoislegaid.org provided to volunteers. The weekly three hour time commitment can extend between three and six months.

This is a GREAT resume-building opportunity!

Additional information can be found on the following link: Rolling Meadows Volunteer




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