NEW! COD Paralegal Alumni Website

COD’s Paralegal Studies Program now has an alumni website!  Please take a look!  Here’s the link:
Melissa Ehret, organizer of the fabulous twice-a-year alumni parties we all look forward to, and Todd Holes, will be website administrators.  We hope you will step forward to help, too.  They both welcome whatever help you can give.
The site is meant to serve as a networking tool, and as a way to keep our alumni connected.  It will include a job board, job-hunting tips, a section on milestones, links to resources, a water cooler forum, etc.  It is our hope that you will actively participate in posting on the new website.  It has great potential, but we need your help!
We’d like to keep the “Milestones” section up to date.  Let us know your happy news, and include a picture. We want to hear about weddings, new babies or grandbabies, fabulous experiences you had, promotions, etc.
When you hear of a job opening, let us know!  We’d like this site to provide solid leads for other COD alumni.  Let’s keep those jobs “in the family” whenever we can!  Don’t worry about whether those leads are for local firms, or out-of-state ones. Let us know about every job opening you hear about. We have alumni living in other states, and alumni looking to relocate to other states.  The goal is to keep all our alumni connected, wherever they live, and whatever they are currently doing.
As the website is a work in progress, suggestions for additional pages and suggestions for revisions to the interface are welcome.  If you are tech-savvy, and want to pitch in to help with that end of things, please let us know. Your help would be greatly appreciated!
We hope you will be willing to actively participate on this site on a regular basis.  If you have questions, please send an email to
Please let us know what you think about the website!

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